Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas Tree

I must be the last person in America to be still decorating my Christmas Tree. It's not because I'm a procrastinator (I might be, but not in this case). It was part of my plan from the beginning and I've got an explanation for it: I am Christian Orthodox and my Christmas is not until January 7th. Is that weird? We celebrate the same occasion - Jesus being born - but on two different days, two weeks apart. 

For this reason, the New Year's is the first day that starts my holiday season and I ought to have a New Year Tree (yep, that's how we call it) by December 31st and I want it to stay for at least 2 weeks, that's why I never put it up until at least a week before the New Years. This actually came convenient for me, because by the time I went trees and ornaments shopping, they were already discounted! Yay for saving some very much needed cash :)

So here's my first Christmas tree ever (in the states!). And may I just say - I'm in love...

Here it goes, red color accent

And some yellow color caption

I love origami and folded a couple of cranes for good luck in the next year which made a nice addition to the store-bought collection of ornaments

See that yellow pretty baby ornament? That was DIY'ed by me. Just used a clear ornament from Michaels,  added some yellow acrylic paint inside, swirled it around and let it dry for a couple of weeks. I made a small collection of those (6 to be exact) and they all live and love in on my tree!

I didn't find a topper that would please my taste and suit my budget, and figured to throw some hand-made pieces on in. This pink ribbon was one of them.

And here's another topper - my two-colored origami star covered with glitter

And another crane. Yellow covered with black dust-glitter

ps Oh, and I was surprised at how beautiful and fluffy and soft all the trees I looked at were. Unlike where I am from, they are not nearly as fairy-tale-ish perfect, so people end up having to choose somewhat pretty tree out of the all sad looking ones.

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