Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Can You Buy a Cow Online?...


In America, you probably can :)
Is there anything you can NOT do online? Really, from checking in for the flight to checking out books at the library. From paying you bills to adopting a puppy. Need to make or cancel an appointment? No problem. As long as you have internet access, you're covered for most of the everyday life scenarios.

I'm not even mentioning online classes available at each campus. Who am I kidding? You can even earn a degree without leaving your couch. Which is pretty awesome, to say the least.


I get it, there are certain concerns and compromises involved. At the end of the day, there's a price for everything. In this case, the price is giving up some amount of privacy and security. How do I know noone is going to hack my account and use my personal information? Well, you don't... You just have to accept it and be at peace with it. And tr not to think about it. At least not until it happens (heavens forbid)

We also become chronically lazy by getting used to having nearly unlimited control under our fingertips. With that comes annoyance, like "What do you mean I can't do it online???" And also total dependence on it, almost like addition, internet-ism of sorts. But what if (heavens forbid again) there's no internet connection? Just imagine one day of a global internet blackout. Sounds like Apocalypse,  doesn't it? But that's another story.

For now I'm enjoying my honeymoon with online addiction. It brings a little wicked smile to my face every time I find out what else I can do online. Like listen to the astronauts on the space station? Not sure why I might need it, but I think it's pretty amazing.


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