Saturday, March 31, 2012

It Blows me Away


Before I begin to mumble on this matter I have to add a disclaimer that I will be speaking for the places I've been to. They are South Carolina, Florida and New York in summer time, and California all-year round.

The love for air conditioner in all those states (and something tells me it is pretty much like that in the rest of the states, but that's just my guess...) has no limit. People wouldn't rent an apartment and would not even consider buying a car if the AC is not functioning well. As much as I hate the stuffiness and unbearable heat, the use of AC sometimes turns into abuse.


Here are some places where I wish people took it easy on the air conditioner:

Greyhound Bus. Did you ever have to spend a night on a bus? I did/ It was a torture. I was freezing to my bones and the driver refused to turn it up because "it was above the standard temperature". No word on who sets those "standards"...

Beer/Dairy Isles in Grocery Stores. Seriously, I can never concentrate on finding the product I need. I just grab whatever catches my eye and run away to the bread isle. It's so much warmer there.

Most Office Spaces. A lot of people happen to spend 40 hours a week sitting in a chair under a blowing vent. I happen to be one of those people. I hate it. Again, there are "standards" that do not allow to set a temperature a little bit higher and it is against the rules to seal the vents with tape (we've tried and got a warning". Cozy sweaters and cover-ups have become my best friends at work.


I guess it all depends on the personal metabolism and body sensitivity. But looking at peeps that wear short-sleeved tops and flippy-floppies in at a 50 Fahrenheit temperature gives me chills. Literally.