Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shop it Like you Mean it

The urge for shopping seems to run in people's blood here. Back in 2008 when the crisis gave a kick in America's economy butt, the only places where you couldn't notice it were the shopping malls - Friday through Sunday finding parking in a mall would still be a challenge.

Love for shopping, deals and spending money on a stuff that ends up not being used/touched/worn more than once molded the way businesses increase their profits and customers happily empty their pockets.

Is there a FREE movies showing in the park? Bet you there will be at least 3 food trucks making sure you stay hydrated and full. Going to the Dodgers game? Keep an eye for a super special deal at a gift store on your way in and out for baseball hats and sweatshirts at ridiculous prices that will make you feel like you're buying an expensive brand piece of clothing. 2 for 1 anyone? It's just like those stadium hot dogs, you just can't say "no" to them.

Good or bad, I am not here to judge. I am here to observe, report and avoid being manipulated as hard as I can. It doesn't always happen easily, because all those magnets, cards, keychains and bottle openers sure do look and wink at you. I mean, who can resist getting a $20+ cotton shirt with your favorite (or not so much) team, artist or event that you are never going to wear again? Even Olivia Wilde couldn't!