Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Trespassing, Will Prosecute

Oh the Americans and their love for signs! The longer I live here the more used my eyes get to seeing them on every fence, door and wall, but some still have a special spot in my memory.

This particular sign has deserved my special attention simply because it was scary to me. First of, I never came across such word as "TRESPASSING" in my life, it's just not something I was taught at school. Second, being an exchange student first time in the states, we all were warned about how law-abiding American citizens are and how we should try and stay as far away from trouble as possible for fear of being arrested and kicked out of the country.

So in case you ever wondered if these signs work, they do and I am the living proof of it! Picture me seeing a sign with words as "will prosecute" or "do not enter" and sprinting in the opposite direction. Either because I am a chicken, or the "good girl" my parents raised me to be, to this day: I pay my taxes, and I don't trespass.

Take that, immigrant haters!