Thursday, April 4, 2013


Question: What is one place that seemed so cool and magical in a weird romantic way from the scenes of Hollywood movies? 
Ok, I'll give you a hint: it's not that cool or romantic in any way. And most people actually hate this chore more than doing dishes. 
If you're thinking LAUNDROMAT (!), congratulations, you've just got one inch closer to seeing USA from where I stand.

Yes, laundromats always seemed to be the places where couples have their "couple time", kids are running around and having fun while their parents are happily loading and unloading washers and dryers. How many scenes from a movie can you remember when something bad happens at a laundromat. Zero, right? And how many of those do you picture where people accidentally run into each other, fall in love, share a kiss and discover some kind of truth or secret? All of them, I know.

I am not going to say that my little naive laundromat-crush was "crushed" by the harsh reality. My view of them has changed certainly, but I still have this feeling of "Look at me, I am all grown up and fancy going to do my laundry in those beautifully shiny massive washing machines". And I am still not giving up on the idea of something magical happening to me while I am folding my sheets and drying my socks... Because that's what laundromats are for, right?

Ok, that is all I've got to express in this post, which can undoubtedly qualify as the weirdest subject I've written on so far, it's official.

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