Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hi. How can I [not] help?

Just when I was about to write this post and rant about an average Customer Service experience, I found the image above, and it sums it up.

I'm sure you have been there at least one (or a dozen) times in your life. You desperatly need help with whatever issue you have, dialing a 1-800 number hoping to get a human on the other end of the cord, going into details, pouring your heart out, even addressing them by their name. And all you get is "I understand, I'm sorry, but I cannot help".

The options they give you are in a range of something a 5 year old could figure without having to call them or the answer that is listed on the FAQ page. Basically, not the one you were hoping to get. I don't know about the rest of people's reactions, but CS expeiences like that make me want to cry, ask them "Why don't you love me?" and yell out "Don't be a robot" all at the same time.

That is not to say that some Customer Service reps have been nice and/or helpful to me on a number of occasions, but once bad experience like that erases all the good memories of them from my brain.

Oh, and how much do you love the "Is there anything else I can do for you today?" standard, almost automatic, soul-less phrase at the end of the conversation?.. I find it at least insulting.



  1. The worst for me is when you don't even get a human being on the phone, but have to talk to their machine, which is trying to do an even poorer job of helping you. I usually just end up yelling "AGENT... AGENT!!!" until I get transfered to a rep.
    My preferred customer service feature is the Live Chat option on their website, if available, because then I can better do stuff on the side without getting too frustrated.

  2. Even those live chats get pretty robotic at times. For getting through to speak with a person there's a pretty cool site:
    I tried them a few times at times of complete desperation :)