Thursday, May 9, 2013

Love You, Bye

Alright, I know, all we need is love, but talking about it and putting LOVE in every conversation is a definite overkill for me. I just find it a bit unfair that once can describe a fondness of spinach, shoes and feelings for a significant other with the same word "LOVE".

I see that the use of this sacred word has become so natural and trivial, that saying it out loud doesn't trigger sweaty palms and stammering anymore. Thinking of me growing up I do not remember my parents telling me "Love you" every day. And I am pretty sure it's not because they didn't, it's because words of love are not spoken that often. Good or bad, I am not here to argue either case, just sharing the experience.

I will admit that after my move to the states I began using the L word more frequently. I tell this to my family, my friends and to my bird. My sister only speaks it to me and our mom on holidays, on cards, in writing. I wonder if it's because of the way we were brought up or it's just my sister being weird like that.

But sometimes I think I'd rather get her "Love you sister" on holidays and know it's coming from her heart than see it in every text message from her and not paying much attention to it, as something I hear every day and get immune to... Go figure.

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