Thursday, January 10, 2013

Come to our Pharmacy, We've Got Drugs for You

Who's next in line for booze or to pick up a prescription?

Let me talk about CVS, RiteAid, Wallgreens. You know, the places I go to get Bacardi and Coke at 11 pm on a Friday night. Oh, wait, that's not what you normally go there for?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered:
a. Pharmacies are called Drugstores (I knew medicine and pills, I had no idea you can call them drugs as well) and
b. You can actually get drugs there, I mean, alcohol. And a nice selection too. Did I mention the deals here are much better than in your average corner liquor store?

Not that I am complaining about anything. These days I love CVS pharmacy precisely for the reasons mentioned above. But I would be lying if I say I didn't question the moral and ethical and logical standards at first when I walked in for painkillers and found myself walking around the shelves generously stacked with cheap wine.

I bet american folks have no idea that might seem strange to anyone. Good thing I'm here to share all about it.

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