Thursday, February 9, 2012

Whatta Hef?...


I noticed that in many houses people aren't used to taking their shoes off. It always surprises me how careful people here are about disinfecting all the counters and surfaces, covering toilet seats and washing+sanitizing their hands over and over throughout the day. However, they can and actually do walk around the house in their street shoes, sitting or even laying down on couches (regardless of the color).


Slippers are used just as a fun a cozy accessory to fancy up while at home, especially for females. I can hardly remember any male having his own home shoes, except for Hugh Hefner (hence the title of the post), of course! :)

I remember being back home and watching Hollywood movies, constantly mocking the scenes where the actors were in their shoes lounging on a white sofa. Turned out, that's exactly what's happening in real life here. But again, may be it's just the houses I've visited and may be it's because it's California and it's always sunny here and people barely walk on the streets, spending most of their time out driving their cars so their feet don't get covered with dust, mud and all kinds of other dirt as much. Or may be it's just the common rule that seems totally normal to folks here and seems so careless and "not-making-any-sense" for me, a foreigner lost among millions in the City of Angels.


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