Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why I am Here

The United States of America has become my new home after I moved here in 2007. The country which I call "My Motherland" is somewhere 11 time zones away. 

I am a twenty-something girl, they call me Caucasian, and the reason I'd never be a model - is because I'm 5'7" tall. My eyes are green and my hair is dirty blonde. My accent is present, but not so obvious (so I've been told). 

The question I am asked 99% of the time I meet someone new is "So, how do you like it here?" My answer is always "It's different".
The difference between how and where I used to live and the United States of America is so big that I can't explain it in a word, not in a sentence, and not even in a paragraph... In fact, it's so big that I decided to dedicate a whole blog to document and share all the Lessons, Experiences and Surprises of My American Life. 

Here's an interview I gave to Dan from Live.Work.Travel USA in case you're interested in learning just a bit more about me.

Want to ask me a question, submit a guest post about your USA life, or simply say hello? Send me a message:  zhene4ka1503 [at]

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